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My interest in emotional health began when personal mentors coached me through difficult, life transitions. As a young adult, I found myself reading self-help book after self-help book, trying to cope with hardships. When I understood that my past experiences influenced my current paradigms and lifestyle, I moved from self-help to psychology. 

These interests deepened while I was completing my bachelor's degree in Psychology and Crisis Counseling at Liberty University and my Master's degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy at Messiah College. I began to understand the important connection between difficulties from childhood and current emotional and psychological well-being. I also grew to appreciate how relationships with caregivers, family, and friends can influence one’s sense of self and ability to cope.

Daily stressors, life transitions, relationship conflicts, and unexpected hardships can derail anyone’s attempt at achieving their ideal lifestyle. I started this practice to pay it forward and support others - as they navigate through detours and obstacles that are often a natural part of life.

When I'm not counseling, you'll likely find me in the joyful chaos of raising three tweens alongside my best friend and partner, Brian. Family time is everything to me, and I cherish those moments of laughter and love.

Outside of parenting, I find solace in meditation, diving into the pages of a good book, and sharing cuddles with my loyal Goldendoodle companion, Alfred. He's truly a source of comfort and joy in my life.

I'm also a big advocate for play and creativity. Whether it's piecing together intricate Lego sets, solving challenging puzzles, or engaging in a lively game of Uno with the kids, I believe in the power of fun and bonding through shared activities.

Life is a beautiful blend of responsibilities and pleasures, and I'm grateful for every moment spent nurturing connections, both in my professional work and in the warmth of my home.

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